The college has a rich library with a seating capacity of 25 students. The library is equipped with more than 12,000 books, daily newspapers and few periodicals and journals. The library is in the process of digitization, automation and air-conditioning.


The college canteen offers light refreshment at reasonable cost to students and faculty members.

Smart Classroom:

The college has provisions for smart classrooms. To provide access to ICT and multimedia in classroom teaching-learning, the institution has set up four classrooms equipped with smart boards and digital learning facilities. There are also two classrooms with projectors available for classroom teaching-learning. These facilities enable experiential and inclusive learning among students through the use of audio, visual and interactive media, and often help in breaking the barriers to communication and encourage participation among learners.

Computer Lab:

A fully-functional computer lab is available in the campus for students and faculty members. The computer lab is not only used by students of the BCA department but also by other students opting for vocational and common courses on computer applications under the CBCS and FYUGP curriculum. The demand for computer skills is on the rise in the current employment market, and the institution aims to enable every student with the necessary skills and learning to equip themselves for their future.

Common Service Centre

The common service centre in the college was inaugurated under the government flagship program of Digital India, and provides facilities like photocopying, printing, and access to various online services within the college campus at affordable charges.

Help Desk:

The Help Desk provides necessary information and guidance to the students at the time of admission, examination and whenever it is needed.

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