Students' Representation

R. L. S. Y. College, Ranchi encourages students’ representation and participation in various administrative, co-curricular and extracurricular activities (student council/ students’ representation on various bodies as per established processes and norms). Students of the institution are nominated in four committees - Literary Committee, Digital Committee, Cultural Committee and Discipline Committee of the college.

The names and details of the students nominated in the different committees are as follows:

Serial Name Designation
1. Abhinav Kumar Pathak (MA, Hindi) Literary Committee
2. Chirag Bediya (MA, Nagpuri) Literary Committee
3. Harsh Sharma (BA, English) Literary Committee
4. Mukesh Kumar (BA, Nagpuri) Cultural Committee
5. Mrinal Shekhar (MA, Political Science) Cultural Committee
6. Sarada Kumari (BCA) Digital Committee
7. Ravindra Yadav (BCA) Digital Committee

The institution has firm belief in creating a participative and inclusive ecosystem, where students can engage and contribute towards academic excellence in the college by taking part in the working of the different committees in the college. The institution recognises the range of experiences, perspectives, ideas and skills that every student embodies in the college, and takes immense pride in the diversity and unity of the students in the college.

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