IQAC: Functional Bodies

IQAC has constituted four functional bodies which comprise of the following members to look after the AAA in the campus :

  1. A. Committee for Administrative Audit
    1. Dr. Manoj Kumar , Principal
    2. Dr. Snehlata Singh, Dept. of Zoology
    3. Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dept. of Anthropology
    4. Dr. Khalique Ahmad, Dept. of TRL
  2. B. Committee for Academic Audit
    1. Dr. Meena Kujur, Dept. of Commerce
    2. Dr. Mridula Prasad, Dept. of Hindi
    3. Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dept. of Mathematics
    4. Dr. Neeta Lal, Dept. of Zoology
    5. Ms. Kumari Rita, Dept. of Psychology
  3. C. Committee for Financial Audit
    1. Dr. Sanjay Chakraborty, Dept. of Commerce, Bursur
    2. Shri Vikrant Kumar Singh, Accountant
  4. D. Committee for Green Audit
    1. Dr. J. P. Singh, Dept. of Botany
    2. Dr. S. D. Tirkey, Dept. of TRL
    3. Dr. A. Xaxa, Dept. of TRL
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